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Rock Gardening

Paul is offering his first rock gardening class for anyone who wants to learn how to use rocks to have more energy, become more motivated, become more creative, learn how to relax, be more patient, be more calm and recover faster from exercise, injury or illness.  This class will be offered at John Boyd Thatcher Park in Albany  from 10am to 6pm on August 25th (rain date August 26th).  Please bring gloves and wear old clothing.

Rock gardening is an opportunity to spend time with Nature’s patient and persistent supporters:)  Rocks have infinite patience and constantly persist to support all life.  They withstand the test of time, pressure and weather.  Rocks support life effortlessly.  They do not try, but they do persist in many ways.  Rocks persistence is seen in ageless structures, national parks, near bodies of water and even in our backyards:)  We know rocks will always be there.  They always hold a space and persist to avoid transformation or movement.  Rocks share their patience and persistence with us.  Their electromagnetic energy calms, relaxes and motivates us.  If we allow rocks to support us with their energy, we can have more energy, less anxiety and feel more in control.

Rocks help us feel at ease.  Stress, discomfort and negativity are common challenges we experience daily.  Rocks can help us reduce our stress levels by helping us let go of what we don’t want.  In other words, rocks share calming, supportive energy with us that helps let go of negative thoughts, discomfort in our bodies and help stay that way:)

Rock gardening is full of life lessons.  For example, when an individual decides to build a stack of rocks as tall as they are, they will experience doubt, disbelief and lack of trust.  Once they accomplish the feat, they gain self confidence, wisdom and courage.  We can learn how we need to allow mistakes to guide us to better solutions.  We can also discover how rocks are much like our friends.  They always support us no matter what.  They share positive energy with us when we need it.  Rocks also having a calming influence like our friends too:)

Rocks are capable of helping us feel supported because their electromagnetic energy is unconditional.  Electromagnetic energy always is being shared by all aspects of nature.  The Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, plants, animals, insects, etc., all share electromagnetic energy with us.  Support comes from nature unconditionally.  Rocks share their unique blend of electromagnetic energy with us.  Their unique blend provides support, encouragement, motivation, patience, peace, persistence and comfort.  We can experience these attributes by spending time with rocks: holding them, building with them, throwing them, sleeping with them, or even just sitting on them:)

Rocks help us feel what is the right decision to make always:)  Indecision is common when we think first or ignore our feelings.  How do we know we are making the right choice?  We feel content with the right choice.  The wrong choice creates regret and confusion.  When we feel what decision is right for us we feel comfortable, content and calm.  We learn how our decisions affect us immediately after making them.  Even if we are thinking and not feeling to decide we feel good or bad, confident or afraid.  Why not feel first and think second?  When we choose to feel first we always make the right choice.  Instinctive decision making is our birthright.  Thinking is not instinctual.  We learn to think.  We never have to learn to feel:)

Rock gardening is an activity that never gets old:)  Our ability to lift, move and position rocks improves with practice.  The basics of rock gardening quickly develop into a unique self expression.  Everyone is an expert:)  Once the basics are in place, practice develops unique expressions often never experienced.  Rocks can challenge, motivate and encourage us to create wondrous structures, or allow us to relax, reflect and rejuvenate.  A day in your own rock garden can be whatever you need:)

Sharing Is Caring

If you take the time to share, you are caring.  Family, friends and relatives share their feelings when they spend time together.  How do you feel after sharing your feelings with others?  If you feel happy, lighter and energized then why not continue to share all the time:)

When you share your feelings you share energy too.  Energy is shared from your heart, mind and transformed.  The energy becomes what you need at that time.  Do you need to become stronger, more in control or more creative?  Whatever your intentions are, the energy shared supports them.  For example, if you need to write a paper the energy you received from sharing moves to your arms, hands, heart and head.  The extra energy helps with focus, creativity and self expression.   The extra energy is then recycled and shared with others.  Energy is recycled by sharing.  The words expressed have energy to them.  Just like when you read a book and feel excited, motivated or happy, written words have energy waiting to be shared.

Using Crystals To Balance Your Life

The first class at The Yoga Loft in Albany was memorable and empowering.  The women who attended were sharing new experiences with the crystals.  How crystals were able to help us move energy in our body was explored.  Each person was able to move energy to a part of the body.  The energy felt warm, comforting and even provided a sense of support:) The feeling of controling your body’s energy was experienced in helping each person change how they perceive crystals.  Beautiful, attractive and misunderstood were crystals before the class.  Once each person started to experience the support their crystals provided them, they realized that crystals can help us in many ways.

The picture above shows Judith and myself surrounded by artwork and crystals.  We used art and crystals together to help us have more energy, relax deeply, feel motivated, become more creative and even create energetic support so our physical body was more comfortable:)

The class learned how to use crystals to sleep better, become energized, motivated, creative and protected from negativity.  The nature of crystals ability to share energy was experienced as well as their ability to increase our ability to feel ourselves.  Each person was able to experience how crystals can allow us to feel more able to express ourselves too:)

The class experienced how crystals could be positioned and used to encourage sleep, motivation, creativity and calm the mind.  As everyone learned these techniques, their minds became progressively more still:)  The nature of using crystals to help support us calms our minds; thinking stops and creativity begins:)  The class used the crystals to create physical comfort while they were in uncomfortable positions.  Protection from negativity and creating peace quickly were also explored.  Each participant learned to move  energy to protect themselves and others from negativity.  Peace was experienced quickly as each participant used their crystal to move energy out of their head and into their heart.  Peace was experienced, energy was shared by all:)

The crystal garden was wonderful experience for the class.  Participants enjoyed positioning  the crystals to experience  self confidence, reassurance and creativity.  The garden represents an energetic duplicate of your body’s energetic expression.

The arrangement of the crystals, artwork and any other object you resonate with is welcome in the garden.  The process of creating your garden is based on feeling.  You need to feel how to position the crystals, artwork and objects to duplicate your energetic expression.  Your intention starts the process:  “Paul Jensen, Jr creates a crystal garden to duplicate his energetic expression.”.   After stating your intention, please feel where to put the objects you feel belong in your crystal garden.  The process of feeling where to put the various objects is necessary.  If you can’t feel where to put your objects or are having trouble feeling what objects to put in your garden please do the following:

1) look at a piece of art and allow yourself to be drawn in to a certain aspect, breathe in, hold breath for 10-seconds while continuing to look at the aspect, close your eyes, exhale and walk away.

2) if #1 doesn’t work, please breathe in while holding any crystal in your right hand, exhale completely until you have to breathe again.  Repeat until you start to feel being drawn to different objects:)

3) if you still are challenged with feeling, please go outside and repeat #2

The process of relearning to feel is a process that is a choice.  Thinking is the opposite of feeling.  Please choose to feel instead of think.  Feeling is instinctive, thinking leads to fear, pain and what we don’t want.  Feeling leads to exactly what we do want.  Please allow feeling a chance:)

Once you have you garden arranged as you feel it should be, please set an intention similar to the following:  “Paul Jensen, Jr is creating exactly what he wants moment to moment effortlessly.”  Your intention needs your name and whatever it is you are creating effortlessly:)  Your intention needs to be stated silently with your lips closed.  Your subconscious can be programmed in this way to help you create what you want.  Each time you use your crystal garden to help you create what you want, your energy multiplies.  This happens because you create another you to work energetically towards what you want.