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Energetic Art

Art of any type creates feelings.  As we look we may feel happy, sad, angry, overwhelmed or even nervous.  When we look away the feelings we experience go away.  The art causes us to move energy in our bodies.  That movement of energy causes the feelings we experience.  Our individual differences determine how a piece of art will affect us at a certain time.  Stress levels, energy levels and how often we rest, change how art will affect us.  Our nervous system also influences how art affects us.  Our nervous system helps us speed up, concentrate, run fast and react quickly to protect.  Digesting food, recovering from stress and creating anything happens when our nervous system shifts to the opposite.  In other words, our nervous system prepares us to run for our life and helps us recover from running for our life.  The resting and recovery aspect of our nervous system is the creative aspect.  The more we are relaxed and peaceful, the more we can create.  The expression of creating a new recipe, new song or new piece of art, can only happen when we are not running for our life.

Energetic art is an expression of colors and shapes that helps us feel ENERGIZED, peaceful, motivated, creative, focused, strong, confident and even inspired.  Individual differences are assessed prior to creating energetic art.  The assessment is of our energy and how it responds to certain colors and shapes.  It also determines what part of your nervous system is more dominant on a regular basis.  The information collected from the assessment, and how we desire the art to influence us, creates the energetic art.  Markers, pastels and color pencils are the tools used.

Energetic art can be incorporated into any activity, work space or sport.  There are specific techniques to use the art related to the desired effect.  The techniques take seconds to perform, and require little practice to memorize.  Energetic art creates permanent changes our bodies.  The adaptation process varies.  Most of us adapt to the techniques in 2-weeks.  Some of us need 4-weeks.  When we adapt to the art we feel satisfied, complete or desire another challenge.  Energetic art exposes weaknesses causing our body to compensate.  Some of us have been compensating for decades.  For example, 2-weeks after performing the techniques many have expressed that they feel stronger in one area of their body and weaker in another.  There was no awareness of the weakness prior to using the energetic art.  Additionally, when these weaknesses are discovered, other techniques are shared to help promote strength.

Energetic art is recommended to support our professional endeavors, activities, sports and create a nurturing environment.


Energetic Art Sessions



Each energetic art session begins with an assessment:


  • Nervous System Functioning
  • Endocrine System Functioning
  • Physical Symptoms
  • Sensitivity to Color
  • Sensitivity to Shapes
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Polarity
  • Meridians
  • Chakras


Energetic art provides a stimulus.  Our bodies respond to the stimulus based on stress levels.  When stress is high energetic art stimulates our nervous system to promote relaxation.  If stress is causing us to hurry, be irritable or exhausted, energetic art stimulates the endocrine system to promote recovery.  When our stress levels are low, energetic art promotes confidence, creativity and passion.


When energetic art is promoting relaxation and recovery, that is the best time to blend another piece of energetic art.  During a session we can use 20-50 different pieces of energetic art.  The assessment provides a starting point.  How we feel, look, move and how we interact determines what art to use and when.  Our electromagnetic energy moves as we look at the art.  When we look at one aspect it may move towards our feet.  Another aspect may cause movement into our head.  The  movement of our electromagnetic energy causes our body’s to feel a certain way.  Energetic art is a recipe.  Depending on our stress levels, the recipe may produce relaxation, recovery or both.  The timing of each recipe promotes a certain response.  If we experience a piece of art as we start to relax, it helps us relax deeper.  If we experience a piece of art when we are relaxed, we can be more comfortable.  When we are recovering, a piece of energetic art promotes strength.  If we have been recovering for more than 5-minutes, energetic art promotes motivation.


The order of energetic art promotes confidence, peace, passion, creativity, focus, energy and inspiration.  One piece of art may move our energy into our left shoulder so another can move it into our left hand.  Confidence usually is experienced.  If our energy moves into our left hand and confidence is experienced, the sequence of energetic art can be replicated.  We can look at the one aspect that reproduces the feeling of confidence.  Sequencing is the process of creating what we desire from the energetic art.

Custom Usage

Energetic art usage varies.  Our stress levels determine how we use each piece of art.  We can assess our stress levels by looking at any energetic art.  What captivates us helps us know our level of stress.  The color of what captivates us and where it is on paper indicates how stressed we are.  For example, when a red shape captivates us in the upper left corner of the paper, we are STRESSED OUT.  When a green shape captivates us in the lower right corner of the paper, we are not stressed.  Once we determine our stress level, we begin using our energetic art.

Time For New Art

After 3-4months the stimulus from the energetic art is not as strong.  Our bodies adapt and we need a new stimulus.  The first piece of energetic art is still helpful.  The first piece can be used to stimulate confidence as before, then the new piece of energetic art can take over.  We can always use previous pieces of energetic art to stimulate how we initially used it.  Subsequent pieces take over from that point.  They provide a stronger stimulus and promote the same or greater levels of confidence.


Energetic Art Lessons

Energetic Art is a way of creating a stimulus with art that motivates, strengthens, energizes, builds confidence, inspires, sparks creativity, sharpens our focus and promotes peace.  Lessons are provided for individuals and small groups.  Individual lessons allow us to practice specific techniques that require constant guidance.  Group lessons allow us to experience the basic techniques and create energetic art for  ourselves.

Group Lessons

Lessons for groups of 2-4 students share the uses of energetic art, the basics of creating, how to create custom art and how to blend multiple pieces of energetic art.  Each lesson is for 60-minutes.  Five to seven groups lessons progress us with the confidence to create energetic art for anyone.

Individual Lessons

Lessons for individuals share a progression that is based on the student’s mastery of the basics of energetic art.  As we master the basics, we can progress to creating for a setting, creating for every special occasion, master assessing, follow our creative genius and create energetic art for that timeless moment.