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Thank you Paul!  Your kind encouragement, therapeutic massage and countless helpful recommendations have finally allowed me to feel comfortable in my body.  It seems like only yesterday I was considering surgery.  Now I am dancing, running and moving like I did in my twenties.  As we continue to strengthen my body, I realize that I feel more at ease every day of my life.

Forever grateful,



Patience, persistence and Paul Jensen, Jr. have allowed me to finally experience what it is like to be pain free.  After seeing countless doctors, therapists and practitioners of all types I am so thankful for meeting you.  Your expertise of the body, holistic approach and gentle methods have allowed me to chew my food without any discomfort.  My head is finally clear and my mind at ease.  I am literally astonished with how quickly you helped me become more comfortable. Years of pain gone in just a few visits.  The simple exercises you showed me are like magic.  Any discomfort disappears when I do them.  I rarely use them any more.  I especially enjoyed receiving your unique energy work.  I felt light, comfortable and at peace.  It was a huge transition for me.  That first session changed my life.

 Best wishes,



Wow!!!  That about sums it up.  I never thought I would be able to tie my shoes without pain.  Now I can lift twice my body weight off the ground.  My ability to play football has improved dramatically as well.  Just one session and I am back on the field stronger than ever!  I still have no idea what you did, but it worked!  Thank you!



My fascitis has been helped.  Years of pain and countless therapies later I met Paul Jensen, Jr.  Your approach provided me instant relief and several simple exercises to do to gradually strengthen my foot, ankle and whole body!  Pain has met it’s match!  Thank you Paul!



Well, when you ask me for a testimonial I immediately thought of our first session.  Instant relief AND I was able to lift that 100lbs. rock you have in your office.  I could not believe it myself!  Just breathing hurt before our session.  It has been smooth sailing ever since.  My work has been much easier without constantly having to sit and wait for the feeling to come back to my toes!  It is as if you gave me a new back, neck and put me on automatic pilot.  I mean am using my body comfortably with out trying!

Many thanks,



Having my peace of mind back is priceless.  So angry and frustrated for years, and having spent thousands of dollars for no relief I became hopeless.  If it wasn’t for my wife’s constant encouragement to keep searching I would never of found you.  Paul, you have given me a tremendous gift.  I can never thank you enough for helping me with my headaches.  I am finally able to ski, surf and kite board without feeling as if my head was going to explode.  How you helped I don’t understand, but I know you did.

Thank you,



Pain, immobility and weakness have been my life before I met you.  Now I can move without pain and feel stronger than I have in years.  How?  I have no idea.  It doesn’t matter to me.  I am just grateful to have my life back.  I can actually take the trash out without taking 4 pain pills!  Many thanks Paul.



The expression, “you can’t always get what you want,” is not true with you Paul.  I am still amazed how you were able to help me get back to doing my work without any pain.  I thought for sure I would have to stop working and hire a personal assistant to do everything for me.  Pain is so disabling.  Yet, once you break free, you feel unstoppable!  THANK YOU for helping me be free!



Freedom is my place of residence now.  That is before working with you, Paul.  Years of pain, uncertainty and barely being able to take a shower, have given me a new perspective on life.  I am so grateful for your help, compassion and countless helpful recommendations.  I am truly a new man!

Endless gratitude,



Thank you Paul!  My body is feeling incredible and I can finally ride my horse without any pain!  Thank you for your patience, kindness and motivation.  Your ability to figure out the complexity of my pain still amazes me.  I am excited to continue to work with you to enhance my riding performance.